Tutorial Speaker



Satriyo Dharmanto
(Founder & CEO Multikom Indonesia)

Topic : A Brief Update on IoT Implementation – Technology, Regulation and Business Model Perspectives

Abstract : The development of Internet of Things (IoT), currently is going to be the huge opportunities for technology innovation to transform many aspect of industries. The series of advanced development in the technological layers in IoT, includes physical layer, data link layer, network layer, transport layer and application layer, are significantly transform this sector, contributing to the improvement of productivity. As a basic requirement, IoT-based solutions are expected to be more accurate, low cost, low energy consumption and high-quality-of-service (QoS). However, some other requirements are also important, such as wider coverage, increased flexibility, high security and privacy, ultra-dense deployment and multivendor interoperability. So, the strategy to achieve the most optimum solution on the IoT deployment, need to be learned and described. In this session there will be a comprehensive sharing and discussion about a brief update on IoT implementation, from the perspective of Technology development, Regulation issues and Business model, as well as identifying some related opportunities accordingly.

Ery Punta Hendraswara

Managing Director, Telkom Indigo

 Topic : Youth Employment in Industry 4.0 Era

Abstract : As a new round of industrial revolution, Industry 4.0 will be a future business challenge for industry players in the world. Cyber Physical System as a form of Industry 4.0 is manifested through a combination of several key elements, such as Big Data, Internet of Things, Internet of Services, Cloud Computing, Robotic and Cyber Security. The presence of Industry 4.0 can improve productivity and will change the value chain of manufacturing ecosystems, create new opportunities for ICT players in the manufacturing segment, bring new HR skills and change the focus of human tasks in today’s manufacturing industry.Employment becomes an important issue for emerging market countries in adopting Industry 4.0. New types of jobs will emerge with the need for new skills and cross discipline. Meanwhile the current type of work in manufacturing will be replaced with automation. Realizing Cyber Physical System requires not only good hard skills and soft skills, but also meta skills as the key to success, such as environmental intelligence, sustainability skills, multidisciplinary transfer, creativity, and continuous learning. A digital startup incubator is a suitable place to develop and sharpen some of these key capabilities. Corporate incubator will provide great added value because it can bring real use cases for startup to grow.

Endra Joelianto, PhD
(Chapter Coordinator, IEEE Indonesia Section)

Topic : Industry 4.0: Challenges and Opportunities for Youth Employment

Abstract : Industry 4.0 is an industrial transformation associated with the economical aim and opportunity to make differences in global competitiveness. Industry 4.0 includes cyber-physical systems, internet of things-services-people, cloud computing, and cognitive computing, where all of them provide new era of industrial manufacturing. Cyber-physical systems can communicate and interact with workers and at the same time with internal and external organizations producing value-chain. The advance of telecommunication technology boosts the realization of this industrial transformation.

This talk will clarify what the cyber-physical systems is, everything that will be leverage, and how all the systems are integrated by telecommunication technology, so that the participants would know about the next generation of industry and what needs to be prepared. Also, how wireless telecommunication gets in to the value-chain of industry 4.0 and how equipment, sensors, people, and applications will be interacted will be elucidated.

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